Pasco Waterline Repair

Waterline repair and replacement has never been easier!

How do you know you need a new waterline?

There are a few clues exposed when you’re waterline is failing and this Pasco Waterline Repair guide is here to answer your questions. 

Inside the home, pinhole leaks might start to show up,  usually one at a time.  However as time goes on, pinhole leaks become more and more frequent. It is not uncommon for a handful of waterline spot repairs be made in a very short section of pipe. 

Can you imagine how many leaks are happening underground if your waterline is perforated multiple times in your home?  For some homeowners, these repairs cannot be performed and these types of leaks can become costly due to their frequency. 

Something has to be done to alleviate problem waterline leaks.  Let’s delve into these issues so that you can have a better understanding of what a long lasting repair entails and what signs to look for when faced with waterline problems.

When is the best time to replace my waterline?

The best time to judge when a waterline should be replaced really depends on the issues that are happening.  If your pressure is starting to really drop, waterline repairs or sections of horizontal pipe will usually need to be done soon.  

How will I know if my waterline is leaking underground and what can I do?

A clue you have waterline leaks are when your water usage increases significantly.  The difference can be seen over the water usage history in your water bills. Sometimes the waterline is also leaking in the basement or in crawl spaces.  

Will my water usage increase if my waterline is leaking?  

Yes, your water usage will increase with every new leak.  

What are pinhole leaks?

Pinhole leaks in waterlines are very small leaks that occur when the pipe wall is reduced severely enough to cause pressure in the pipe to burst in these areas. These leaks can vary greatly in number depending on the internal conditions of the waterline effected.

Frequently occurring in basements and crawlspaces, the pinholes often start off small in number, then can increase enough to become a real headache for the homeowner if not solved quickly.  Leaks also occur underground as the image depicts below.  This is galvanized waterline that has been pulled from a home in a residential neighborhood.

Faulty galvanized waterline showing its age with multiple leaking pinholes happening underground at a neighborhood residence. Pasco waterline repair by Inland Trenchless Inc.
Galvanized waterline showing multiple pinhole leaks. This pipe was pulled from homeowners yard.  Call us for fast and affordable Pasco waterline repair at 509-655-3360

Can galvanized water pipe leak?

Yes, galvanized water pipe can leak and has a lifespan that depends on several factors.  These factors include how soft or hard the water is, what particles are flowing through the line and waterline pressures. 

There are other factors that may play a role in water pipe longevity, but we will limit our discussion to these more popular reasons for waterline failures. Either way, we are only a phone call away if you have further questions after reading this Pasco Waterline Repair Guide.  

My copper waterline may have pinholes.  What can Pasco waterline repair offer me?

If the homeowner has copper waterlines, the failure rate seems to be much lower than with galvanized waterlines.  Either way,  we have the expertise to handle both situations with speed and care.

Inland Trenchless is the company behind and we offer waterline repair and replacement services at very affordable rates. These services include what is termed trenchless technology. 

No trenching is required from the majority of the waterline repairs we complete. This trenchless technology allows us to eliminate torn up yards, patios, decks and basements.

A quick call to Inland Trenchless will answer many of your questions.  Our bids are hassle-free and there is no obligation to use our services.  

I don’t want my yard and house torn up to replace a waterline.  Can Pasco waterline repair offer a better alternative to the huge mounds of dirt and ripped up lawns and shrubs?

We would love the opportunity to provide you with our trenchless repair and replacement methods.  We are here to answer your questions regarding waterline repairs. We offer these trenchless methods that are fast and affordable to the Greater Tri Cities area.  

Can you save my nice deck from being ripped out because the leaking waterline is under it?

Normally yes.  Even if the faulty waterline is leaking under your nice deck or concrete patio slab, we can usually save these areas from costly demolition. 

We repair and replace waterlines with a process known as waterline pulling.  This process usually bypasses tearing up decks and porches because we aren’t digging a trench to remove and replace the waterlines. 

There are times however where we have to repair the waterline by digging a small hole in these areas to gain access to the waterline itself.  Normally we try to gain access to these lines under the house or where the waterline enters the property at what is known as a curb stop.  

What is waterline pulling and does Pasco waterline repair offer these services?

Waterline pulling is the process of grasping one end of the waterline and is carefully pulled out of the ground.  The new waterline is attached to the old waterline and is simple replaced as the old waterline is being pulled out of the ground.  Pasco waterline repairs are offered by Inland Trenchless Inc.   

What if I have additional questions about Pasco waterline repair?

Simply call us with any questions you may have concerning waterline repair.  We also offer emergency water and sewer line repair services.  Call 509-655-3360

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