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Inland Trenchless offers free sewer line camera inspections with any repair bid in Pasco and the surrounding Tri-cities area. 

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Inland Trenchless camera inspection technician offering free camera inspections in residential neighborhood homes. Technician operating sewer camera for residential customer at customers home.
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Sewer line inspections by camera are offered because, generally, there is no better alternative when determining the condition of sewer lines and underground fittings and connections.  Sewer line camera inspections also can let the homeowner understand more about the overall length and depth of the sewer line as it leaves the home and exits the property into the main.  Whether it is located in the alley or street, correctly interpreting the information the camera provides allows the technician to precisely locate the exact place a bad clog or tree roots appear in the sewer line.    Our highly-knowledgeable technicians are here to serve you.  We appreciate your business!

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